They do fit a little unique of the old ball hats

This hat is excellent. The adjustment strap velcro is not, which is good, and the adjustment strap tucks neatly right into a slot on the hat in order to avoid going out and flapping in the wind.The adjustment strap is very long, allowing for individuals with big heads or big hair to wear the hat comfortably. The costs is longer than other hats I’ve had, offering more protection from sunlight.

Once it was raining hard, and almost all I had was that hat; I managed to make it back again, with my hair dry completely, but my hat was wet. Amazing hat. It’s a bit flexible and doesn’t stay in shape too easily, but after enough bending/forcing it into place it is fine.Washed the hat after exercise and it was dry within an complete hour hanging on a hook in my own bathroom.

I like that it’s grown organically, causing less toxic invasion of chemicals to our soil and earth, but it was made on the Asian continent thousands of miles from here, adding to its footprint. I’d have preferred something manufactured in Canada, Mexico, or the united states as they’re much nearer.The hat is quite great, functional, and adjustable.

Wanted a comfortable cap without print on leading. I have a large check out accommodate the massive amount grey matter!Difficult to acquire something large enough often, and comfortable. This hat is normally both! Esp the quality of the fabric and fitting.Overall a good cap for the purchase price.The price! Great hat at an excellent price.

Great hat. I purchased it to displace a beloved hat. I like this style, and I like that it’s supposedly eco-friendly. I will order another in a different color probably. Price is good as well. And it is method better quality than your price cut chain stuff, and cheaper compared to the fashion stores versions and a little more authentic looking.

Great hat I’ve a small head thus most hats are to tall for me much less secure on my head. This hat is ideal! Hat fits the very best of my egg designed head properly. The slide buckle adjustment also an advantage for a more comfortable and custom fit than the plastic material snap adjusters used on other brands. Ordered another color because as that one arrived soon.

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