The Watch Got lots compliments and high reviews

At onetime they quit syncing with my phone and I ordered this.I definitely love this tracker. It shows me what I need to know on the screen, notifications are excellent and I just bought a different one for my son.I would recommend this to anyone thinking about step, hr and sleep monitoring at a very great price.If there were 10 stars I’d give it the best available!

I will be heading out for some basic teaching here shortly and thought I should buy and get used to a view that I can have there.Basic training would be the ultimate test obviously, but at this true point I love it.I by no means used to wear watches, and since We had the fitbit, I am in love with watches completely.No need to grab your stinking phone away of your pocket (which will end up being a scrolling session since you have it in your hands anyway).

The leather band is comfortable and changing dates/time is easy. The numbers are large and easy to read and the hands are also simple to see.It’s stylish a sufficient amount of to be worn for work or casual and isn’t among those more than sized gaudy watches that appear to be popular.The only con I could mention is that the date is smallish and could be hard for a few to see clearly.

That is clearly a great watch but it never knows what month it really is, and it doesn’t have an end watch.A stop was needed by me personally watch out for the gym.When I checked Amazon, I was amazed to see that watches just like the Casio W800 are so affordable today, and the quality is excellent so far.It’s water proof, that makes it very convenient.The user manual is in micro print, but everything is quite well explained.

The light feature can be very nice, its essentially a green led at the bottom left corner, however it does a great job at illuminating the entire screen.Over days gone by week of using this watch, I have to say that i like it really, and prefer it over my DW5600E-1V G-Shock honestly.For the amount this watch costs, I firmly believe it’s great value and over the past week of hard use (bumped into concrete walls whilst painting) there is no noticeable signs of damage.

I think it looks wonderful although if it’s sitting down on the counter and the room is quiet the ticking seems loud to me.My husband doesn’t hear it when he’s sporting it though and that’s all that matters.Yet this watch looks really good, The look is loved by me, and it’s thus simple- pure function.I can swim in the sea, see what’s enough time in the dark, and I need not worry about scratches.Suits smugly, shows your day and ticks tick by tick time away- what else would you will need?

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