Preferred Earrings at its best pricing now

I will probably use backs while on holiday since it will be occurring in a large amusement park.Besides that, I don’t believe they’re absolutely necessary.Varies from person to person though.

All came with authenticity cards.I have no good reason to believe these are fake bc I’ve seen the exact ones at Nordstrom Rack.Reviewers stating the silver is too shiny or the stamping is blurry, I think are comparing them to the nickel finished bracelets.

The one carat size is just ideal for my ears and I’m adding a photo to illustrate that size on a woman’s ear.I really like the classic round lower with the four prong setting.Very sparkly too!The brilliance is comparable to that of diamonds.We don’t believe you could tell the difference unless you were a jeweler with a trained eye.I think that the larger sizes look less genuine.

In the end, the reviews that are positive caused me to create this purchase (I was skeptical of a AAAA ranking, even from the same vendor) The pearls are beautiful, very nice color, slightly off-round, producing them look a bit squat, but not in a noticeable fashion- more something I’d look at and state hmmm.She loves them, wears them all the time, and makes me feel like a hero for replacing the set she left behind.

I’ve admired the Tree of Life pendants for some time now, glad I acquired around to ordering finally.The pendant is 2 inches in diameter, larger than I expected.The chain is 32 inches (hangs down 16 inches)The second chain (surprise!) is 20 inches (hangs 10 in .) lengthy and a finer link than the much longer chain.Both chains certainly are a copper color – unusual, but I love it.It looks like a few of the stones may be drilled a touch too near to the edge therefore may break off if bumped hard or captured on something.

The bracelet comes specifically as it does in the photo and is top quality.Simply for anyone’s information, the bracelet does not come in the original Alex and Ani container, it comes in just a little baggies that says Ani and Alex.This wasn’t that big of a complication for me personally since I’ve purchased Alex and Ani bracelets with boxes before, I took among my boxes and gave out the bracelet in it.Just find out you may have to seperately purchase a box.Other than that once again, it’s a great product and I’d definetly repurchase it once again.

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