Plenty of lots and room of pockets for the Tote

The convenience and deceptively smaller size of the bag sneaks through to you. There are therefore MANY pockets, nooks and not-so-secret compartments that you feel like a James is being worn by you Bond accessory. And it appears quite stylish, is very well made (so far!) and an ideal color of grey that goes with everything.

Nice materials used. Straps are comfortable and flexible so it could be a shoulder or cross-body bag when it’s needed. Perfect for travel as it looks like a little purse but a LOT is held by it. The main factor I love about it is that I could find whatever I need within a few seconds. Things don’t get lost in the bottom while I dig for them. If I need my cellular phone – it’s right where I could grab it. I get a lot of compliments on it. And you can’t defeat it for the price!

It is thus well conceived and designed simply. Like additional reviewers have said, it has numerous pockets and zipped compartments to keep your items easy and separated to find. I love getting the mobile phone pocket on the inside of the purse beneath the top zipper to ensure that my telephone is secure at all times. I’ve received complements about how the purse appears; it is attractive incredibly.?

I really don’t mind because I think the tag is tacky and removed it anyway (i do that to all my hand bags with that tag).All in all this is a beautiful purse. I do have to make a small adjustment. I prefer to use the purse handles of the shoulder straps instead. I am only 5 feet tall and the purse handle only was included with 2 holes for adjustment. But that is going to be less difficult for me personally to fix and can not be an issue because I have a device that can simply make extra holes for me personally without ruining the standard of the purse and will be the same size.

This purse has of room for all my essentials plenty. It also includes a shoulder strap easily want to use it that method or I can remove the strap to utilize it as a carry purse. I love the color and both side pockets which are just the right size for my car keys and might work keys along with might work badge. I couldn’t become more pleased with this purse and am a lot more pleased with the price I paid for it. Being washable is only a added bonus I was not expecting. I would recommend this purse to any woman looking for a nice highly, inexpensive purse to transport things in.

Now I put my wallet and sunglasses in the biggest compartment, my mini iPad in the centre one, and discount coupons and other miscellaneous stuff in the smallest compartment. I place my keys and mobile phone in the relative back again pocket. The keys are therefore much easier to take out right now instead of attempting to dig it right out of the bottom of my older purse.

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