Perfect Scarf for Spring weather

I wanted something the camouflage appearance yet I needed it to become a little more dressy,and this suit you perfectly to a T.You could wear this color with most anything cause it really is a mosaic of several colors.The material is quite soft (no stiffness).This will be perfect with my Olive Green Coat,but with my many black toppers too also.

It feels warm and soft. It looks very lovely also.The only issue is that the colors aren’t as bright as they look.The red isn’t as bright,but it was probably the lighting in the picture that made it look different just.Overall,it’s an excellent product and I use it daily.

I rolled these up and used them to preserve guests warm at our wedding.I purchased several different colours to match the colours of our wedding.Our guests loved having them and they were a great weight to make use of as a wrap.They are extremely soft and the colors are excellent!

Beautiful and very lightweight.Colors are very close to the picture.Coral color is certainly a little muted in the real material,but it doesn’t hurt the beauty of it.It goes with just about any outfit.Many compliments up to now.Perfect size and I highly recommend.

Received my scarf and was happy with the item.It was in an exceedingly nice packaging.Unlike what others say the product didn’t smell like moldy at almost all and the scarf could be wrap about the neck twice and still have area for your neck to go around,and that means you wont feel like something is definitely strangling you.I loved it!!! Will order a different one in Red or white or possibly BOTH definitely!

A lovely wardrobe addition.The colour is rich,not really a blush,but deeper Orange but nonetheless not harsh…like a pastel.Size is perfect,can wear many methods.Perfectly packaged in vinyl envelope with a zipper,great to use for storage.Highly recommend.

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