Classic look Eyeglasses worthy of the purchase for women and kid too

This is the second pair I’ve purchased (as a backup pair). For the purchase price, you can’t do any better. Ignore Oakley – get six of the for the cost of one Oakley. Includes all the extras – hard case, microfiber pouch and screwdriver. AND Made in Italy stamped on frame. . . not China! Approved off as developer glasses easily. Lens look at is polarized and crystal clear – rivals Oakley clarity conveniently. Great product!

he soft slide cover works well for a fit jacket pocket. Suit on the temples is very good. I looked as so called developer brands that are many times the price of the Duco glasses and discovered no justification for the bigger priced products when these glasses work at least as well, fit well, and are at a great price.

Great cost for these sunglasses, that i bought to replace my misplaced Ray Bans. My son acquired these glasses and delivered me the link — and I’m very happy that I ordered them. They are not Ray Ban quality but, for the price, they look fantastic.

They have a little paint defect, but I’m still giving 5 stars. Why would I do that? Its because the price to quality ratio is indeed outstanding. These feel firm in your hand, they have a sturdiness to them. You could mistake them for expensive sunglasses when you pick them up easily. The lenses are polarized, very dark and have a shine to them that once again enables you to think they cost much more than $10.

I have the dark and tortoise pair. I liked them when I put them on. I also appreciate the treatment taken when they had been packaged by placing them in plastic luggage and adding the accompanying transporting sack. Polarized lenses had been the selling point for this product for me, as I see this as an essential feature for shades generally. And the price I up paid gets 2 thumbs!

I am in love with these absolutely! They are sturdy, comfy and so stylish! The product packaging it came in was extremely cute aswell and it was included with a nice cloth carrying case which I like because I am awful at looking after sunglasses so the case will help immensely! Would recommend to everyone!

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