Cheap Children Quartz Watches worth the purchase

Sports view received, very powerful, there exists a phone, WeChat tips, won’t skip the phone, record the quantity of daily exercise, rest quality, heart rate monitoring at any best time, after an extended seat will remind you more workout, very human.

At first We thought that there was something wrong with the day marker as it didn’t proceed after midnight, but then after using it I realized that I needed for forward the view through a full 24 hour cycle so that it would catch on the day dial moving the number up at nighttime.Once I did so that, it spent some time working like a champ for just two months without a problem now.

This watch is by far the best watch I have ever endured (I have had many watches).The screen can glow bright in colors blue, green, red, light blue, purple, yellow, white, and even all the colors flashing (for the party people).It really is 100% waterproof, I have dove down 10 foot underwater and it’s fine.A stopwatch is had because of it and an alarm.It can tighten good and tight unlike most watches I’ve had.If you want a shockproof, waterproof, color changing luminescent-screened watch with an alarm, stopwatch and the time and day of the entire week on it.

The band is tan with a dark or dark edge, which goes well with the true face of the watch.I like this watch.I do not wear it as often as I would like, i.e., at work, since it is dressier compared to the clothes I normally wear now there slightly, but it would look very good with nice casual clothes or even with a blazer or suit.Not too formal, but a step or two above denim/blue jeans.

Watch works fine and is simple to wear, having a comfortable band — and the whole watch-with-band is lightweight.It was simple to set after a quick glance at the instructions.I like the good sized quantities displayed for time, date and stopwatch functions, which makes it easy for me to go through without needing my reading glasses I typically use for reading papers or computer monitors.

This is an excellent tracker, small but with full functions as I want.It also has Walk/Run/Bike settings for convenient selection. Heart rate measurement is near to my previous fitbit tracker also.The amazing thing is the battery.I fully charged it and it’s lasting for 10 days but still has maybe 40% left.No need to use any wire to charge.

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