High Quality Scarf adequate for the price for kid too

The price is right,the shipping was quick (thanks Amazon prime) and the merchandise came packaged nicely and needlessly to say.I’m definitely going to be purchasing even more shades 🙂 overall I love this product,obtain it! For future clients that are on the fence about purchasing this,

This is a lovely pashmina and the useful ivory is just as pictured.The weight of the fabric drapes nicely and it is weighty enough the serve as a warm shawl for a Texas fall and winter.It had been pressed by me on a minimal setting and the lines and wrinkles came out easily.

It was of good quality,felt was and soft actually an extremely nice scarf. I bought the cream color as it shall go with everything. I was impressed with this scarf and would defiantly order more of these for other people as gifts.Good product,good price.

This scarf is quite thick and warm. It goes with any winter or fall outfit.The Ribbed design is adorable.Made with great quality material.No doubt this will be a staple for my winter wardrobe.Can be put on longer or doubled up. I received this product at discount in return for my honest review.All opinions given are my very own personal opinion.

I haven’t trained with to the individual yet,but it seems like a warm scarf.:) It came quickly (prime!!) and was in good condition.The pattern on the scarf is a bit weird,but you can tell from the picture.The patterns aren’t the same everywhere on the scarf,nonetheless it regardless looks nice! Ideal addition to an outfit for a chilly day time.?

It’s a lovely cream color and it is solid and good in its structure.I’m totally impressed.I have paid even more for other scarves which were a lot more flimsy and thin. This is warm and sturdy.The ribbing is fantastic.I wear it constantly. It is not long overly,though,so wrapping it around your neck makes for an extremely fitted look twice.If you don’t like a snug scarf,the double wrap might not be for you.

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Perfect Scarf for Spring weather

I wanted something the camouflage appearance yet I needed it to become a little more dressy,and this suit you perfectly to a T.You could wear this color with most anything cause it really is a mosaic of several colors.The material is quite soft (no stiffness).This will be perfect with my Olive Green Coat,but with my many black toppers too also.

It feels warm and soft. It looks very lovely also.The only issue is that the colors aren’t as bright as they look.The red isn’t as bright,but it was probably the lighting in the picture that made it look different just.Overall,it’s an excellent product and I use it daily.

I rolled these up and used them to preserve guests warm at our wedding.I purchased several different colours to match the colours of our wedding.Our guests loved having them and they were a great weight to make use of as a wrap.They are extremely soft and the colors are excellent!

Beautiful and very lightweight.Colors are very close to the picture.Coral color is certainly a little muted in the real material,but it doesn’t hurt the beauty of it.It goes with just about any outfit.Many compliments up to now.Perfect size and I highly recommend.

Received my scarf and was happy with the item.It was in an exceedingly nice packaging.Unlike what others say the product didn’t smell like moldy at almost all and the scarf could be wrap about the neck twice and still have area for your neck to go around,and that means you wont feel like something is definitely strangling you.I loved it!!! Will order a different one in Red or white or possibly BOTH definitely!

A lovely wardrobe addition.The colour is rich,not really a blush,but deeper Orange but nonetheless not harsh…like a pastel.Size is perfect,can wear many methods.Perfectly packaged in vinyl envelope with a zipper,great to use for storage.Highly recommend.

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Great look Shawl presents for men

Inexpensive polyester chiffon scarves but beautiful colours and patterns and generous enough to loop around a training collar or neckline.Incredible value for the purchase price.Focus on what you’re buying and the color choices and I’d think you’d be happy.I’ve purchased many of them and not been disappointed.

A beautiful wardrobe addition.The color is rich,not a blush,but deeper Orange but still not harsh…such as a pastel.Size is ideal,can wear many ways.Packaged in vinyl envelope with a zipper perfectly,great to use for storage.Recommend.

Keeps you warm really! In October we used this during our trip to Canada & the Atlantic seaboard. Very high quality product & quickly shipped.We loved these so much,we ordered 3 of them in various colors.I’ve hands washed them (in cool water) & hung them on the trunk of a metallic folding chair to air dry – no problems.Great company & item.Would order again.

This is an amazing scarf! Our temperature ranges have been below zero on a daily basus.Nit only is this scarf beautiful but amazingly warm to be so light. I am extremely purchasing and impressed extras.Unfortunately my excited doggie got one if his fingernails into it perfectly.I actually was impressed that it realky was close to being able to handle the roughness my pet was towards it.Lightweight but warm.

We ordered 6 different shades of the scarves and was happy with the quality for the cost.Both came in a thick plastic material zipped bag and were soft to the touch.The only issue I had was the cream colored one had a number of dark marks or smudges which were unable to be removed.I did so order more (in dark colors).

When I gave them to my bridesmaids as part of their gifts,they could not stop running their fingertips over them and stating how amazing they felt in.One of my bridesmaids said that I must possess splurged for a silk/wool mix even! I did tell them the truth that these were a discount on Amazon and got no fancy fabric content material.I purchased the burgundy color which looked beautiful with the plum dresses.

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Cute,wide Scarves surprisingly

This item is loved by me.It arrived quickly and well packaged and small enough to squeeze in my mailbox this means no waiting around for a delivery person.It’s lite and incredibly feminine and very versatile,it’s beautiful to wear on a warm summer months evening or during the day to compliment a white clothing and jeans or if you want a splash of color while a headband.Hands wash only.I’d buy from this seller again.

Great scarfs for an excellent price! I was concerned about the standard of the scarfs provided the purchase price and other evaluations left on here,but the scarfs found its way to great shape.Perfect for people that have curly/kinky hair seeking to lessen frizz,retain moisture,and hair pattern during sleep at night.These are also cute to wear in general inside or out.

It is rather sheer and lightweight,I like scarves this real way.Around the neck and left hanging it reaches the hips (I’m 5’0),thus plenty long plenty of and about 20 wide.It’s 100% polyester but slightly rough feeling-not slippery silky,so that it doesn’t fall off every 2 seconds.Very nice scarf,especially for the price.

The consistency is loved by me and size of the scarf! It’s perfect for all periods! You can wrap that one a wide variety of ways,and with a scarf,which means way more put on! I can’t wait to wear it this summer with my dresses,and this fall with all my layers.Recommend these gorgeous scarves highly! (They don’t really smell bad either,woohoo!)

I don’t wear a huge amount of accessories,but I acquired these because I would India and had a need to bring along scarves in the event I was required to cover myself more adequately in public.I actually really like this scarf.The colors are nice,so I feel like it might go with a few different color schemes.It looks a whole lot nicer than what I paid for it.The materials seems sturdy enough that I’d not inadvertently rip it,though still soft enough that I would want it near to my skin.

This scarf definitely blew my expectations away. Considering how inexpensive the purchase price is it was being expected by me to be scratchy. Not the case definitely. It is super soft and looks better still in person.I was impressed by the packaging as well.I liked it so much I bought one particular for my boyfriend as well so we are able to match.Definitely recommend this product.

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Perfect size, great Scarves for cold snowy weather

Huge variety of colors to choose from — bold reds and greens to muted pastels.It is nevertheless so soft.The colors are muted but go together so well and would go with a decked out style or jeans.In addition, it has a small stripe of coral that pops and makes this scarf simple to wear from fall to springtime.

I actually cannot say enough about them.What a fashion statement they make.I’ve never been so pleased with a buy such as these.I have found nothing like them in virtually any of the stores where I shop.I recommend them highly. They were also shipped in a timely manner. Go for it females they shall wow all who see them.

It was at first very poufy and hard to manage,but washing it managed to get much softer.I twist the big loop firmly and wrap it twice around my neck,tucking one loop beneath the other in front,to flatten it a bit.Pulled closely,it really is warm.Hanging loosely,it is merely fashionable.Love this because it can be utilized in nearly every season,goes with almost any solid color,and offers a bright spot to my wardrobe.One of my favorites!

This is a brilliant fashionable,comfortable,and warm scarf.I was concerned about the material since it is so inexpensive but like other evaluations can attest to the quality of product.Highly recommend and can order in various other colors.

I gave it to my girl and it had been worn by her the next day to instruct 4th grade,with only a solid purple tee and a set of wide legged skinny jeans.She’s 5’5 and built on a larger level than I am,so she was able to carry it off beautifully.She came home and said she’d gotten compliments onto it all day longer,from her fourth graders even.It’s a really,pretty scarf that feels smooth next to your face really.A truly nice buy that I’m very sorry not to be able to keep.

Some items in your wardrobe just exist beyond tendencies and style picks for the seasons.This is a truly beautiful print scarf in a pleasant fabric that I intend to wear in various ways.It’s rather a lovely drape with the perennial LBD…One which adds an attractive subtle dose of color to brighten that person.It may also be tied at the neck for a more elaborate and full throat scarf as a compliment to a blouse.

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Very high quality Scarf

I have very short hair and this is light-weight but helps to keep the relative back of my neck warm. Beautiful color and design, more of a tan and dusty rose a white and pink on the one side, which I love and I get compliments on it each time I wear it.!

This is a lovely pashmina and the useful ivory is just as pictured.The weight of the fabric drapes nicely and it is large enough the serve as a warm shawl for a Texas fall and winter.I pressed it on a low setting and the wrinkles came out easily.

I really like this infinity scarf absolutely! It is the ideal weight for in-between months and the colors are exactly because they appeared on my display! The fabric is lightweight and smooth and the scarf is usually long enough that it can be looped several times,tied,or even left loose depending on the style you want to have.A great addition to my closet at an excellent price!

Such high quality for the price! Heavy material but still sleek enough to use indoors/at work with a cute outfit.It’s turn into a go-to accessory in these cold New England months.I’m eyeing other shades already…Excellent pashmina.In the event that you hold it up,you can not look out of it like some of the less expensive pashminas out there.Excellent to wrap about your make use of or shoulders mainly because a scarf.

Soft and light-weight yet warm,packs little for travel.The Silver Gray color has a slight pinkish cast,nearly like taupe.Though I would have preferred a far more bluish gray,is still pale and neutral .The fringes are very long (identical to the various other shawls I ordered) that i don’t enjoy because they tend to tangle and fray; I may knot them to shorten.

Inexpensive polyester chiffon scarves but beautiful patterns and colours and generous enough to loop around a collar or neckline.Incredible value for the price.Focus on what you’re buying and the colour choices and I’d think you’d be happy.I’ve ordered many of them and not been disappointed.

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Best packaging Scarves to save money now

Not only how soft this is,but how much warmth this scarf provides while being a fashionable staple piece to your closet.I reside in Alaska,so I can definitely attest to our cool weathers here and because of this scarf to be pretty and warm,gives it an extra five stars from me to be a genuinely good product for meeting its purpose.Wow,from the price,I expected it to come and be not very great in strength or quality.However,this is a magical surprise.

A beautiful scarf – the color is lovely and perfect for fall. And the texture is properly soft and cozy. I wore it as a shawl within my wedding,and it was the perfect accent to draw out the color in my own cheeks.And keep the white dress from washing me away.It matches the burgundy shoes I properly had,and was an overall lovely scarf.Great price,warm,and soft incredibly.

That is lovely and soft,it is a generous size and looked great for my daughters wedding.she ordered them in other colors on her behalf bridesmaids when she saw mine plus they love them.The seller was asked to ship and extra and was extremely kind and truly got the job done.Great amazon experience.

Beautiful scarf / shawl,camel color is definitely soft and rich.The picture shows a scarf but don’t allow that fool you.This is a pashmina size soft rich neck wrap.The packaging is terrific,this arrives in a plastic zip bag which since it works out fits nicely in my own purse to be retrieved as the temperature drops during the night,it can’t get snagged and stays clean.Exceptional large pashmina at an excellent price.Quick delivery too.

Got this for winter because it’s University of Virginia Navy and Orange and ya gotta show your colors,right?For the price,it’s pretty great.UVA fans,the shades are Best (See photos).The weave is tight enough to withstand plenty of wear.The seams are hemmed rather than remaining unfinished (BIG plus,in conditions of durability).and it’s got a fairly herringbone weft that makes it look classier than simply your basic woven shawl.

That is a soft cotton scarf.It is extremely delicate-looking and keeps well when worn on the relative head.One side is normally a dark grey and the various other side is usually a soft pink.The pink is only at the final end of one side.The dimensions of this scarf are 68×34.It really is an excellent size really,on the larger side but doesn’t mass up since it is a good light fabric.It really is a really great size,on the bigger side but doesn’t bulk because of the soft fabric.This fabric is perfect for the spring and summer time.

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